Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Institutional Evaluation Plan (PEI) / Institutional Quality Plan (PIC)


At the end of 2004 Polytechnical University of Madrid signed an agreement with the National Agency of Evaluation and Qualification (ANECA) with the purpose that all the colleges were included in the different official announcements of the Institutional Evaluation Plan (PEI). The College of Technical Engineering of Telecommunication (ETSIST) was included in the first batch of participating colleges in the 2004/05 official announcement.


This section details the activities carried out by the Quality environment. These activities cover aspects related to the university quality's criteria fulfilments, as well as other aspects related with students and their adaptation to our  the college life. We should clarify that our efforts are channelled to place our College in a privileged zone when new degrees will be introduced into the European Space for Higher Education.


The following reports were carried out as a result of this process of qualification:


All these reports are in keeping with the directives set by the UPM's Rectorate in its Institutional Plan of Quality (PIC), which you can look up on the following links:

As completion of the qualification process, a monitoring committee of Improvement Plans was created. This committee acts as a consultant of the College Board.

In the same way, this committee carries out monitoring reports of the Studies Plan, analyses the students' satisfaction surveys and other activities related to University Quality.