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Doctoral agreements with other universities


International Doctoral School EDEMOM
European Doctorate in Electronic Materials, Optoelectronics and Microsystems

The EDEMOM consortium agreement is a framework whose goal is to promote the cooperation between doctoral programs from different universities.

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Universities involved in EDEMOM

URT, Università Roma Tre, Italia 
WUT, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
UPM, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain
UPDD, Université de Paris 7 - Denis Diderot, France
UNSA, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, France

Program objectives

The main objectives of the doctoral program agreement are:

  • To promote a highly-qualified "European Doctorate in Electronic Materials, Optoelectronics and Microsystems" with the aim of broadening the spectrum and the breath of competence of young researchers in the enlarged field of Information Technology.
  • To bring together the unique teaching and research features of highly qualified European Universities and Research Institutes with complementary expertise working in the fields of Electronics, Optoelectronics, Information and Communication Technologies.
  • To create a link between academic and industrial bodies in Europe.
  • To assist the development of less favored regions in Europe by offering training to young students from less favored regions, and by allowing industries of less favored regions to co-operate with the Universities through the doctorate program.

Research areas

Interested researchers and students can obtain further information concerning the research areas in the Consortium Agreement. Nevertheless, the program is open to incorporate different research fields related to those described.

Program practical implementation

The framework agreement is finally implemented through additional bilateral agreements between the universities in the consortium. Currently the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has signed a bilateral agremment with bilateral agremment with Universitá Roma Tre.

The interest of performing some research activities with other universities will promote additional bilateral agreements.