Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Complementary learning

Students who , depending on the specialty title and those accessing the program , requiring additional training to adapt to the development of research activity , must take and pass such supplements . The additional training required should be determined by the Academic Commission of the PhD program with the participation of the Guardian and the thesis director at the time of admission of the applicant.

Students who have earned the title Master in Systems and Services Engineering for the Information Society and to those students who have completed university studies Master (or equivalent ) in both the PSUs , as in other Spanish universities , community or outside the EU , in the field of Information Technology and Communications , especially in telecommunications engineering , should not take additional training.

Students who have studied different than the reference or equivalent and whose skills and learning outcomes do not cover those obtained by the reference studies must take additional training will depend on the skills and learning outcomes in their studies origin. In these cases it will be the CAPD in coordination with the tutor / supervisor who define , case by case , additional training plan which compliance will be monitored by tutor and once completed will be reported to the CAPD to give evidence of it. In any case, students from such evidence shall submit a credit between a minimum load of 5 ECTS and a maximum of 30 ECTS.

The training plan shall consist complementary subjects reference Master credit load necessary to ensure that students acquire the right skills not obtained in their degree of access. The subjects and debt load are listed in the following table.


Subkects ECTS
Audiovisual signal processing 5
Advanced audiovisual coding 5
Signal recognition techniques 5
Wireless Communications 5
RF design 5
Advanced signal processing techniques 5
Advanced digital architectures 5
Advanced virtual instrumentation systems 5
Embedded Systems 5
Ubiquitous and secure networks and systems 5
Telematic services for the Information Society 5
Services and protocols engineering 5
Data modelling and analysis in engineering 5

As indicated in the R. D. 99/2011 in its Article 7, Section 2 specific bridging courses will, for the purposes of public prices and the granting of scholarships and financial aid consideration of doctoral level training and development will not count for the purposes of the limit in the duration of doctoral studies described in Article 3, Section 2 of the R.D.