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PhD. Thesis regulations

The Doctoral Thesis should consist of an original research work carried out by the student concerning one or more areas concerning the scientific, techinic or artistical areas of the doctorate program.

The Doctoral Thesis will be supervised by of of the PhD. professors involved in the PhD. program in Systems and Services Engineering for the Information Society. it also can be co-supervised by other PhD. professor of the program or outside the program. In this case it is required to justify the co-supervision need to the responsible committee.


General regulations

The general regulation applicable to the development of the doctoral thesis is that described in the national regulation R.D. 99/2011. In concrete articles 11, 13, 14 15 should be taken into account.


Regulation of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Once the student is enrolled in the program, it is recommendable that he knows all the regulations affecting the development, writing and dissertation of the Doctoral Thesis.

In this link the student can find detailed information concerning the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid regulations with respect the Doctoral Thesis, including relevant steps of the process.

In the next link you will find the Doctoral Thesis elaboration and evaluation regulation.

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid appoved the PhD. program Model of the UPM, which defines relevant facts affecting both the program organization and development and researchers and students.


PhD. program regulation

With the goal of guaranteeing the quality Doctoral Thesis performed by the PhD. Program's students, the responsible committe (CAPD) has established a regulation with two goals. On one hand it regulates the access criteria for incoming students. On the other hand it tries to evaluate in an objective way when the student is prepared to peform the Doctoral Thesis dissertation. This evaluation is based on the research results obtained by the student during the research period and that has been published in relevant scientific media (journals, books, conferences, etc.). The regulation is accessible through the following links:


Yearly report

The yearly repor is a requisite that all the PhD. students should fulfil every year. The yearly report goal is to track the evolution of the research activities performed by the PhD. students. The UPM Doctoral Thesis regulation describes its obligatority. The yearly reports must be accompanied with the Thesis supervisor as well as the program Academiz Committee authorizations. The UPM's Vicerrectorado de Doctorado y Postgrado provides an on-line tool to fulfil the yearly report.


Doctoral Thesis writing norms

The Doctoral Thesis writing norms are defined by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and apply to all the doctorate programs. In this link you can find the norms as well as the writing aid tools.


European PhD.

Those students that fulfill certain requisites can opt for the European PhD. distinction that will be described on the back of the title.

The information concerning the requisites and the procedure to request for the European Ph. D.can be consulted in this link.


Digital edition of the Doctoral Thesis

Student agreement form for the digital edition fo the Doctoral Thesis.


Academic supervision fee

The academic supervision fee is the one that guarantees the students remains enrolled in the PhD. program.

The payment of this fee is obligatory and it habilitates the students to fulfill the Doctoral Thesis year report which means it is active and in progress.

The payment must be satisfied during the tuition period before the beginning of the academic year.

UPM calendar.