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Thesis defense deadline

Students in doctoral programs regulated by the RD99/2011 must respect the terms defined in Article 3 of the RD.

Article 3 . Structure .
1. Doctoral studies through programs organized in the manner determined by the statutes of the universities and in accordance with the criteria established in this Royal Decree . These studies will be completed in all cases with the preparation and defense of a doctoral thesis that incorporates original research results .
2. The duration of the PhD will be a maximum of three years full-time, starting from the admission of the candidate to the program until the submission of the thesis .
Notwithstanding the foregoing , and after approval by the academic committee responsible for the program may be conducted doctoral studies part time. In this case such studies may have a maximum duration of five years from admission to the program until the submission of the thesis.
If after the elapse of three years had not submitted a request for deposit of the thesis, the committee responsible for the program may authorize an extension of this period for a year , which could be extended exceptionally for an additional year , subject to the conditions are established in the doctoral program . In the case of part-time study may be permitted to extend more than two years also exceptionally , be extended for one further year.
For the purpose of computing the previous period are not taken into account sickness , pregnancy or any other cause provided by current legislation.
Also, the PhD may apply for temporary downturn in the program for a maximum period of one year, extendable up to one year . Such request shall be addressed and justified before the academic committee responsible for the program , which will rule on the merits of access requested by the doctoral student.