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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

PhD. Thesis special award

Coinciding with the end of the academic year the Doctoral Committee of the Polytechnic University of Madrid announces the Honours Thesis, which students may attend the doctoral theses having read the previous academic year have earned the másxima rating, "outstanding cum laude" or "fit cum laude" in terms of curriculum and Royal Decree that regulates the studies.

This award aims to highlight research training, research activities and results obtained by the new doctors, as well as the projection of their work.


The Doctoral Committee of the UPM agreed annually convening the Extraordinary Doctoral Awards at which students can attend the doctoral thesis completed in the previous year. It is required to attend the award to have obtained the qualification of "cum laude".
Those doctors who meet the requirements wishing to apply for the award, should direct the request to the Director of the School and submit (preferably or School Registration) within the period prescribed in the notice. To assess them accordingly requested solicitus attach with the CV highlighting the merits of research (JCR publications with impact and relative position in the field, scientific books, research grants, stays, patents, etc..) And few merits the candidate deems appropriate.