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Access requirements and students admission

The PhD program is aimed at students of the Master in Systems Engineering and Services for the Information Society and to those students who have official Master studies (or equivalent) in both the UPM, as in other Spanish universities, community or extra, in the field of Information Technology and Communications, especially in telecommunications engineering, offering modern and attractive program its different lines of research.

Overall can access studies Ph.D. program in Systems Engineering and Services for the Information Society students in possession of the title obtained in a Master Official Master Programme in areas related to the research that the program develops. In particular, this doctoral program is a natural continuation of the Master's Degree in Systems Engineering and Services for the Information Society.

PhD. program access requirements.

The conditions of access to the doctoral program are regulated by Article 6 of Royal Decree 99/2011, of January 28, mofified by the Article Second of the Royal Decree 43/2015, which regulates the official doctorate teachings. The UPM develops some aspects as described in the following sections as indicated under Article 7 "Admission" of the Royal Decree.

Admission criteria.

The University, through the Vice President for Academic Planning and PhD admissions will evaluate applications and determine whether or not students meet the conditions of access required by the RD 99/2011, mofified by the Article Second of the Royal Decree 43/2015, requesting information not provided by the student or when it appears necessary. Upon fulfillment of the conditions of access, it is the responsibility of the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program (CAPD) the assessment of student admission, which will be conducted based on the following criteria, with weights:

  • The academic record. (60%)
  • Accreditation certifies sufficient knowledge of English, at least equivalent to level B2. (10%)
  • Motivation letter is required of candidates showing interest in studying in the PhD Program, and reasoned specific topic you would like to investigate if admitted, referring to doctors I have maintained contact. It will assess the relationship of previous studies and non-regulated activities that have taken place in relation to the thesis topic in which you want to work. Also take into account aspects related to the projection academic, research and professional that the candidate wishes to achieve. (10%)
  • Previous experience in connection with the activities related to the areas of specialization of the Doctoral Program. Will be evaluated on professional research experience as well as having collaborated with grant or contract research groups, especially in subject areas related to the doctoral program (20%)


Students with special education needs.

The University has a "Unit Disability Care" in order to promote a free college all barriers to ensure equal opportunities and non-discrimination of people with disabilities in the access, retention and advancement in the university . This Unit is responsible for ensuring that equality and integration of those members of the university community who are living with disabilities, as well as raise awareness and sensitize its members about education without barriers. The information on this unit is available at this link.

Is available to the student a specific form for requesting support for the Unit, which is accessed through the link "Contact Us" link above. The admission criteria described above will apply also to these students. However CAPD act doctoral program in sync with the Unit through the center support coordinator for the evaluation of possible curricular changes, routes or alternative studies to facilitate the incorporation of these students without a disability can be an impediment to of study.