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Spanish Language Courses at UPM

  • Intensive Summer Programme of Spanish Language and Culture for International Students.
    - 4 weeks in July or August (120 hours)
    - 8 weeks in July and August (240 hours)
    Accomodation in the Fundación Gómez-Pardo Student Hall of Residence.
    Online application (May)
  • Intensive courses of Spanish Language and Introduction to Spanish Culture. Beginners module.
    In September and February.
    Aim: to introduce foreign students with a beginner level of proficiency to the basics of Spanish language.
  • Spanish Language Courses Applied to Science and Technology.
    1 course each semester. Different levels. 60 hours. 3 ECTS credits.
    - Erasmus and Smile students: only registration fee: 25€.
    - Fees for other students (visitors, other agreements, PhD,...): 125€.
    An A2/B1 level course will be offered in our Campus (Campus Sur); the students interested in other levels will need to go the North Campus (Ciudad Universitaria).
  • DELE (Spanish as a Second Language Diploma, Instituto Cervantes).
    Official title which certifies the level of competence and proficiency in Spanish language, given by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. The UPM is officially recognised as examiner Centre.
    20 hours preparatory courses. Levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
    Examinations in November and May.

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