Summer English courses in the University of Leeds

Since 2010 the students and the staff of the School of Telecommunications Systems and Engineering UPM can participate in the Summer General English Programme of The Language CentreUniversity of Leeds (United Kingdom) thanks to an agreement between both Institutions.

With the collaboration of: Logo ILLLAB

The Summer General English Programme is promoted internationally, and is therefore open to students other than ETSIST students, permitting mixed nationality groups.

The LC and its programmes are accredited under the British Council’s Accreditation UK Scheme for the teaching of English as a foreign language.


2016 agreement's summary (SPECIALLY FOR ETSIST'S STUDENTS)

Calendar for applying to the programme (summer 2016): 

Tuesday 10th May

Deadline for applications: form + copy of ID card + English certificate (A2 or more. If you can not provide it, please see the next step).

External Relations Office: Room 6104 / .

Please check the FAQs, they are useful to fill in the form.

Tuesday 17th May
(time to be defined)
Room "Reina Sofía"

Applicants need to certify an A2 level. Those students who can not prove this level have to do the English language placement test. Immediately after, you will know if you have reached this level, otherwise we could consider to do a listening test.


Deadline for applications to the Department of Education's scholarships for English language courses during the summer. THESE GRANTS ARE NOT OFFERED SINCE 2013.

If you apply for this grant, they require a deposit of a minimum of 200 euros, so you can pay a 234 GBP deposit (equal to a week's tuition fee). When you arrive in Leeds, you must pay for the remaining course fee. The LC will advise nearer the time about how you can pay.

Calendar for Summer General English Programme 2016: 

Study periods:

4 weeks:
4th July 2016 - 29th July 2016

5 weeks:
4th July 2016 - 5th August 2016
8th August 2016 - 9th September 2016

6 weeks:
1st August 2016 - 9th September 2016

10 weeks:
4th July 2016 - 9th September 2016

Students must start classes on any Monday up but they should arrive in Leeds the previous Saturday.

Course schedule: 

The students will receive 21 hours (full-time) of classroom tuition per week:

Morning schedule (Monday-Friday): 9.00h-13.00h.

Afternoon schedule (Monday-Thursday): 14h-16.00h.
Planned for cultural programme.

Course costs: 

252GBP per week:

4 weeks: 1.008GBP
5 weeks: 1.260GBP
6 weeks: 1.512GBP
10 weeks: 2.520GBP

Self-catering residence: 126-105GBP per week approx. 

Travel costs: 300GBP approx. 


Useful documents for accepted students:

Last directions before travelling to Leeds


How to arrive in Leeds

  Some stories by your schoolmates in Leeds

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