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Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
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Complaints, Suggestions and Compliments Mailbox



Through this mailbox, which is part of the Internal Quality Assurance System of the UPM, both students, teachers or administrative and services staff, as well as the general public, can submit any complaint, suggestion or compliment related to the operation of its services. They may also make any general inquiry.

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     Submit a complaint, suggestion or compliments, or make an inquiry


mejoras  Complaints, suggestions or compliments

Once the complaint, suggestion or congratulation has been received, the corresponding unit will proceed to resolve it. Within a maximum period of 20 working days (art. 16.1, RD 951/2005), we will send you information on the measures taken and ask you to answer a brief survey on your satisfaction with the service.

In the event that it is necessary to ask you for any clarifications necessary for the correct processing of the complaint or suggestion, you must provide them within 10 working days, during which time the calculation of the response period will be interrupted. If the UPM does not receive the requested information within said period, the complaint or suggestion shall be filed without further processing.

Complaints shall not be admitted for processing if they

  • Seek recognition of an individualized legal situation.
  • Do not refer to the activity of the UPM.
  • Are not duly identified with the name of the person filing the complaint.
  • Contain disqualifications or insults.

consulta  Inquiries

If the communication received is a general inquiry, the information requested shall be sent to the interested person within the maximum term established by law. If the consultation is of a particular nature, it will be forwarded to the service that should answer it, so that it contacts the interested part.

This system is independent of the actions of the University Ombudsman and its objective is to channel those issues related to quality management and the improvement of the public service provided by the university.

On the other hand, complaints or suggestions submitted through this system will not, in any case, have the qualification of administrative appeal and their presentation will not interrupt the deadlines established in the current regulations. These complaints do not condition, in any way, the exercise of the remaining actions or rights that, in accordance with the regulations governing each procedure, may be exercised by those who consider themselves interested in the same.