Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Classrooms and laboratories

Teaching spaces


Currently the School has 24 classrooms equipped with the latest advanced information technologies, so all of them have internet connection via Wi-Fi, sound system and multimedia projector.
The different kind of classrooms meet the teaching demands of the School. Classroom capacities vary between 20 and 120 seats.


There are specials rooms for specific purposes, such as Videoconference Room to be used in both ways, to send and to receive, classes by streaming in connection with other campus or universities.
The Lecture Hall “Javier Hernández” used as a small auditorium for up to 92 people.The Graduation Hall, another special room for disertartions (Bachelor, Master, and PhD Theses), as well as seminars and conferences.
There are also several rooms with different capacities for meetings and workgroups.

Aula Magna Javier Hernández Bermejo computer room



Because of the ETSIST'S wide study offer, there are a variety of laboratories and specialized facilities for the teaching of practical lessons.

Thus, the laboratories cover areas as diverse as: audio, video, radio, communications, microelectronics, measuring systems, printed circuits, virtual instrumentation, microprocessors, computers, computer networks, digital processing...

Laboratorio GDEM

Laboratorio de Televisión

Laboratorio de Radio


Estudio de grabación


Many of the laboratories have unique facilities, for instance:

Anechoic Chamber (acoustic): room specially designed to absorb the sound incident on the walls, floor and ceiling, nullifying the echo effects and sound reverberation.


Cámara anecoica (acústica)


Cámara anecoica (electromagnética) Anechoic chamber (electromagnetic):  It absorbs the energy that affects its walls and attenuates the electromagnetic emissions from the outside, forming an area with a very low level of interference that allows the implementation of various measures, such as  antennas or electromagnetic immunity.


ICT Track (Common Telecommunications Infrastructure):It aims to simulate a real installation of ICT, which allows testing of equipment and items, and it assists in the training of students and professionals at various levels: design, installation, certification, maintenance...
Pista ICT

Living lab

Accessible Domotic Home: The ETSIST, the COITT, and the most important companies in the sector have participied in the actual installation of an accessible domotic home, equipped with the most sophisticated home automation components. This is a perfectly designed home (entrance, living room, kitchen, distributor, bathroom and bedroom) that allows evaluation and real demonstration of emerging technologies solutions. The next laboratory set up an usable and accessible observatory of available solutions in the house, and we can carry out training, development and integration work.


Dormitorio Hogar Digital

Hogar Digital - plano