Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Campus' Facilities

Living Campus

The Auditorium:

The ETSIST has actually an Audirorium with capacity for 570 people. It is a space shared with the ETSISI (School of Computer Systems Engineering). The Auditorium has been recently modernized.

It's the usual scenario of a wide diversity of events as:

  • the new students welcoming act, as well as other public interest briefings,
  • the annual closing ceremony, attended by the UPM's Rector,
  • conference cycles,
  • lectures or seminars,
Salón de Actos
Jazz concert
  • activities within the framework of in the School's Cultural Programme, like jazz, rock, classical music concerts... highlighting the ones offered regularly by the School Choir (Coral Vallekanta),
  • Events and activities organized for the student fair “Sphera”: musical training workshops (such as recording concerts), monologues...
  • Films.

South Campus Library: 

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Biblioteca Campus Sur - exterior



Vista aérea Campus Sur - Biblioteca

Biblioteca Campus Sur - interior


Sports Center:

Pabellón polideportivo (interior)

Vista aérea Campus Sur - Polideportivo

Pistas polideportivas exteriores





Cafetería ETSIST - EUI (interior)

Vista aérea Campus Sur - Cafetería


Cafetería ETSIST - EUI (exterior)