Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Reina Sofia Computer Lab Use Rules


  1. Entry is permitted only to students enrolled in EUIT Telecommunications or those who have specific authorization by the Centre.
  2. Users who have self-responsible for the use that can be done with it. These accounts are personal and not transferable. The use of another user account holder will lead the account lockout for 15 days and in the case of recurrence may be several months until the cancellation thereof.
  3. The users are obliged to display the card of the School to be identified, when requested to by a staff member of the Classroom.
  4. It is not allowed to open multiple sessions on different computers at once.
  5. The School is not responsible for damages caused by user action of a third person.
  6. It is absolutely forbidden to use for profit of any computer environment available to the user.
  7. Two people is the maximum number of users allowed per computer.
  8. No smoking, drinking or eating.
  9. You are prohibited from using mobile phones inside the classroom.
  10. Games are expressly prohibited and the use of classroom resources for entertainement.
  11. Please keep silent, the Reina Sofia lab is a workplace.
  12. El deterioro voluntario, la sustracción de medios, la falta en el cumplimiento de las normas de funcionamiento o el comportamiento incorrecto que cause molestias a otros usuarios se penalizará con la privación del derecho a utilizar el Aula, sin menoscabo de cualquier otra sanción que pudiera ser oportuna según el reglamento vigente de disciplina académica.
  13. The voluntary deterioration, substraction of materials, failure in compliance with operating rules or misconduct to cause inconvenience to other users will be penalized by deprivation of the right to use the Classroom, without prejudice to any other penalty that may be timely accordance with regulations and academic discipline.

The Reina Sofía lab resources are limited. Users are requested to take into account this fact by a responsible and supportive use of it.