Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Student Services

ETSIST. User Account

The new student get the ETSIST account data (username / password), to be able to access a range of telematics services. These services are listed below:


Through the internal part of the site  ( can perform many of the procedures that students need during their academic life, and view personalized information. Here are some examples:

. See application notes and revisions.

. Timetable.

. Application for reservation of seats, request special testing.

. Registration ...

Also in this area, in the "Computer Services - User Information" you can find more detailed documents on the use and configuration of the services listed in this document.

The user password can be changed through the "Change Password" menu. This change will affect all services, not only Intranet.

 Disk Account

It provides the student account record with 100 MB capacity to store her works and practices. There are two ways to access this account:

. SFTP access: Using any client that supports this protocol (WinSCP, FileZilla, ...), can be connected to the account from anywhere on the internet. The server name is

. Access to shared drive: This account appears as a unit of the computer, so you are prepared in the computer labs in which this account is used.

Computer Classrooms and Labs:

With regard to the ETSIST the student has the possibility of using computers in the classroom and the Reina Sofía departmental modules DIATEL, Mathematics and ICS in the hours for free access. When you log into the machines of these facilities connecting automatically to the disk account that has already been mentioned.

UPM General Services

Any student of UPM has the right to open an account that can authenticate and allow enjoying services that are provided globally for the entire university. This account is as follows: firstname.surname @

The application of this account is done through the website

These are the services offered from the UPM:


Wifi network access at the University from any school or faculty. The areas of coverage in the form of ETSIST validated and can be found in the University website.


It is a platform for tele-education, is a support for classroom, teachers use it to exchange information with students, teachers and other uses. The student will see the subjects that have registered on the platform once it has concluded enrollment in Students' Secretary.


It is a service that lets you open, on a computer that is on an external network (either ADSL at home or office, wireless, etc.), An encrypted tunnel connection or the network of the UPM. For more details please see the manual on the intranet.