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Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The Student Delegate

The Delegate exercises the direction of the Delegation of Students. Among its competences are the following:

  • Exercise the functions of direction, coordination, management and representation of the DA.
  • Call and preside over the meetings of the Board of Delegates and execute its agreements.
  • Inform the Board of Delegates of the activities carried out and the relevant events for university life.
  • Ensure compliance with the rules, agreements and resolutions of the governing bodies and student representation.
  • Appoint the Subdelegates, Secretary and Treasurer once the Board of Delegates has been heard, as well as designate from among the Subdelegates the one who will replace him in case of absence.
  • Present, for approval, the DA budget, prepared jointly with the Treasurer.
  • Present to the Board of Delegates, for approval, the liquidation of the DA's financial year.