Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Old Bachelor Programmes

The education of Telecommunication Engineers has been one of the main objectives of this school since its origins. The renewal of successive curricula: Plan 71, Plan 92 and Plan 2000, is a sign of the interest of this School to update and improve its training programs.

The reform of the university education in Spain from the LOU (Organic Law 6 / 2001, BOE 12/24/2001) as amended by LOMLOU (Organic Law 4 / 2007, BOE 13/04/2007), involve the extinction of the Engineering old plan; the traditional and short and long cycles of the Spanish university system disappear and come out a new cyclic structure on three levels agreed by the European Union countries: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate.

The school teachings for the new Bachelor degree began in September 2009. In this academic year there were no vacancies for new students of Telecommunications Engineering and the new enrolled students started their Bachelor Degree at the school.

More information about adjustments from the plan 2000 to the Bachelor plan.