Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Complementary courses

Depending on the title, courses and subjects previously finished by the student and declared in the pre-inscription process, the student could be required to follow additional courses previously to fully enroll in the master program.

The Research and Postgraduate Commission evaluates all the applications and depending on the competences previously acquired by the student should decide whether the student must follow additional courses and which ones.

The complementary courses are established individually for each student.

In the case of students having finished the three years bachelor Ingeniería Técnica de Telecomunicación at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, the complementary courses are as described in the next link:

Complementary courses for Ingenieros Técnicos de Telecomunicación.

The degree studies that do not require complementary courses are:

Graduados/as en Ingeniería in the area of the Information and Communication Technologies, specially :

  • Graduado/a en Ingeniería de Sistemas de Telecomunicación.
  • Graduado/a en Ingeniería Electrónica de Comunicaciones.
  • Graduado/a en Ingeniería de Sonido e Imagen.
  • Graduado/a en Ingeniería Telemática.
  • Graduado/a en Ingeniería del Software.
  • Graduado/a en Ingeniería de Computadores.
  • Graduado/a en Ingeniería Informática.