Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Double Master's degree UPM-University of Rostok

Double Master's Degree Cooperation Agreement between Fakultät für Informatik und Elektrotechnik of theUniversität Rostock, Germany andE.T.S. de Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Sigillum Universitatis Rostochiensis

The ETSIST of the UPM and the Universität Rostock have signed an agreement to promote Master students mobility with the aim to obtain a double degree (one diploma from each university).

The details of the agreement can be found at this link.

The double degree agreement describes the conditions that students must meet to be granted with the double degree.

Students fulfilling the terms of the agreement will be awarded with the following diplomas:

  • Máster Universitario en Ingeniería de Sistemas y Servicios para la Sociedad de la Información (MSc. in Systems and Services Engineering for the Information Society).

  • Master's Degree diploma in Master's program in Electrical Engineering .