Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Materials & media

Materials and media

The number and equipment of classrooms and laboratories is considered sufficient for the delivery of the Master's Degree in Systems Engineering and Services for the Information Society with four titles and a Masters Degree in Audio Engineering Building and Environment. Also considered sufficient as office spaces for faculty and administrative staff and services. In 2010 it opened the South Campus Library of the University. This library binds the holdings of the Schools located in the South Campus has modern facilities, study rooms, rooms for group meetings to foster cooperative work of the student, specific rooms for researchers, loan system of bibliographic and portable wifi coverage and WLAN connections. Through the above link you can access more detailed information.

Currently the school has a total of 20 classrooms with the following student positions:

  • Three classrooms with a capacity of 10-30 students.
  • Four classrooms with a capacity between 31 and 50 students.
  • Thirteen classrooms with a capacity greater than 50.

All classrooms are equipped with whiteboard and projector. The 17 classrooms with a number of posts over 30 have PA system. Ten classrooms have movable tables and chairs while the rest have fixed desks lashed down.

One of the classrooms has a staff of 16 personal computers and also has 20 laptops that can lead to any classroom.

Access to WIFI network UPM is provided at all the facilities of the School.


It has a computer resource room for students free access, at present is equipped with 64 personal computers that keep installed software that are used in courses and are connected to the Internet.

The current strength of the school laboratory is wide and varied, not in vain economic effort has been devoted in recent years to improve the educational equipment of laboratories. Laboratories available to teach in the Master Program are:




Video Engineering Laboratory


Electroacoustic Systems Anechoic Chamber


Radio Systems Laboratory


Audio Frequency Systems Laboratory


RF anechoic chamber


Communications Electronics Laboratory


Signal Processing Laboratory


Audio and Video Communications Laboratory


Accessible Digital Home Facilities


Digital Signal Processing Laboratory


Optoelectronics Laboratory


Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory


Electronic Design Laboratory


Networks Laboratory


PCs Laboratory


Reliability Testing Laboratory


Microelectronics Technology Laboratory


Similarly, among the infrastructure of the Centre, has Torres Quevedo Building (Building R & D ), where research groups are active, adding to its teams of students work through grants and contracts under the projects develop research, promoting technical and scientific training of the students.

Additionally it has various equipment and consumables for the experiments (cables, terminals, devices ....) . Facilities are completed with a printed circuit manufacturing  laboratory.

The students of this school have a wide variety of services: student secretariat , library services, publications, institutional Web , intranet, virtual teaching of the School and the University (including Moodle), etc..

Also, the school has many student associations that develop cultural and sports activities that complement the integral formation of the students.

At the moment it is finalizing the implementation of the new campus library that will serve the students of the School from September 2009. The addition of this new facility will provide rooms for group work and improve the services offered in the current library (book lending loans, laptops, media center, computer room, multipurpose room, etc..).

The maintenance of these resources and services are contributions from both ordinary and extraordinary, to the budgets of the School.

Information regarding the specification of general services management and review plans and maintenance of school facilities can be found in the following references:

  • PR/SO/2/001 : General Services Management Process .
  • PR/SO/3/001 : Review Process and Maintenance .