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Tuition and continuance regulations

Tuition regulation

The legislation establishes the procedimeintos enrollment, once admitted, the student must continue to enroll in the program.

In the following link you can find links to the regulations affecting students concerning:

  • Rules of Access and Enrollment
  • Rule of Permanence
  • Rules of recognition and credit transfer
  • Examination Regulations
  • Regulations for the award of Fellowships
  • Travel bags Regulations
  • Normative guidance and employment information (COIE)

Continuance regulation

The rules regulating the continuance of students establishes the conditions to be met for a student to continue their studies.

The Master program has not developed specific regulations governing the continuance of students so it shall be governed by the regulation of the University, which is shown in the Annex V of the Regulation of Access and Enrollment (Normativa de Acceso y Matriculación de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

The details of the rules regulating the student continuance for study plans regulated by the R.D. 1393/2007 are on the following link.