Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid



This Master's degree enters its termination phase in the 2019/2020 academic course.

Read the Termination plan approved by the ETSIST School Board.



The applications to be admitted to the Master (preregistrations) have to be fulfilled through the:


The instructions to fill the application can be found in the following link:

Requirements and procedure to preregister in Official UPM's Masters.

The periods for doing the preregistration and enrollment procedures can be checked at:

LINK WITH THE PERIODS for preregistration and enrollment.

Information about the conditional enrollment in a Master (before finishing the Undergraduate studies)

(New since course 2018/2019)

The School of Telecommunications Systems and Engineering will allow that UPM's undergraduate students are admitted with conditional enrollment to its Official Master's programmes as long as:

  • The student has at most 30 ECTS left to finish his/her undergraduate studies (including the final thesis) and is enrolled of all the credits left.
  • The Master's Academic Coordination Commission accepts to admit the student after having considered all the pertinent academic information.
  • All the other UPM's Enrollment Regulations are respected.

The student is the sole responsible of finishing his/her undergraduate studies before the end of the semester in which he/she has been admitted with conditional enrollment.