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Summer English courses in the University of Leeds

Since 2010 the students and the staff of the School of Telecommunications Systems and Engineering UPM can participate in the Summer General English Programme of The Language CentreUniversity of Leeds (United Kingdom) thanks to an agreement between both Institutions.

With the collaboration of: Logo ILLLAB

The Summer General English Programme is promoted internationally, and is therefore open to students other than ETSIST students, permitting mixed nationality groups.


Programme details

Calendar for participating in the programme (summer 2018): 


Information Session by Professor Rupert Herington, from the The Language Centre, University of Leeds.

Tuesday 29th May

Deadline for applications: form + copy of ID card + English certificate (A2 or more).

Please send the application package in pdf to:

You can find useful tips to fill in the form on the FAQs.

Calendar for Summer General English Programme 2018: 

Study periods:

3 weeks:
23rd July - 10th August

4 weeks:
9th July - 3rd August

5 weeks:
13th August - 14th September

6 weeks:
6th August - 14th September

10 weeks:
9th July - 14th September

Suggested arrival date: Saturday before course starts.
Suggested departure date: Saturday after course ends.

Course schedule: 

The students can apply for:
- a full-time course: from 9a.m. to 5p.m.
- a part-time course: from 9a.m. to 1p.m. and social program.

Course overview

Course costs: 

Tuition fee: 250GBP per week:

3 weeks: 750 GBP
4 weeks: 1.000 GBP
5 weeks: 1.250 GBP
6 weeks: 1.500 GBP
10 weeks: 2.500 GBP

Tuition fee for a part-time course: 173 GBP per week.

Self-catering residence: 18.00 GBP per night (rent includes all utility bills (gas, electricity, water), wireless internet, IPTV and contents insurance) + bedding pack: 35 GBP. 

Useful documents for accepted students:


Last directions before travelling to Leeds


How to arrive in Leeds

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