José Fernán Martínez    

Dr. José-Fernán Martínez


Departamento de Ingeniería Telemática y Electrónica (DTE)

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Tel:  (+34) 91 06 73318

Fax:  (+34) 91 33 67817


Post:  ETSI y Sistemas de Telecomunicación, DTE

          Universidad Politécnica de Madrid·

          Campus Sur, Ctra. de Valencia Km 7

          E28031 Madrid, Spain

Office: A-4407 (How to get there

Teaching Duties

(Teaching and advising hours)

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate and Doctorate Courses

Other courses and conferences


Research Projects

Interest Areas

  • Ubiquitous Computing and Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Wireless Sensor&Actuators Networks (WS&AN and WSN)

  • Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

  • Underwater Cooperating Robots

  • Next-Generation Telematic Network and Services

  • Telematic Services Software Engineering and Architectures

  • Distributed Applications and intermediation platforms (middleware)

  • Enabling Technologies for Smart Cities

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