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Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Master in Internet of Things (MIoT)


Study grants

Students of this MSc. program are eligible to apply for the following study grants:

This Official Master’s Degree aims to provide students with the advanced necessary knowledge towards any professional or research position related to the area of Internet of Things, including its technologies, systems, applications and services.

To get a general overview on this Master's programme, please download the Master's leaflet (.pdf).

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Who can benefit from this Master?

MIoT is mainly intended for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) professionals and other engineers and graduates who wish to achieve further specialization in their professional activity by mastering the current Internet of Things technologies. It also gives access to a doctorate program, as long as all the other regulatory conditions are met. All the teachers participating in the program have plenty of experience in the technical areas related to its courses.


What is taught in this Master?

This Master tackles these four technological areas which are, all of them, crucial for Internet of Things systems:

  • Embedded systems and IoT devices.

  • Service Architectures and Security for IoT.

  • Information and knowledge management.

  • Intelligent Applications.

Each area is decomposed in one or several courses, most of which are 4.5 ECTS. At the end, the student exercises the competences acquired through the courses he/she has followed by working in a Master's Thesis, to carry out an engineering or innovation project, or a research work, aligned with the educational objectives of the Master’s program.


What language is used, where and when do classes take place?

The language of instruction is English, and the classes take place at the School of Telecommunications Systems and Engineering of the Technical University of Madrid, located in the South Campus of UPM (how to get here), during the afternoons.