Escuela Técnica Superior de
Ingeniería y Sistemas de Telecomunicación
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


The ETSIST's facilities are distributed in different buildings, named Blocks

-grey coloured blocks on the map corresponding to facilities of the ETSISI School of Computer Systems) and the CSDMM (Center of Fashion Design of Madrid).

Fotografía ETSIST
  • Block B-I:
    • Museum storage rooms
    • Student Associations
    • Classrooms
  • Block A-II:
    • Computer and Communications Service (SICO), which includes among its facilities the Computer Room "Reina Sofía"
    • Faculty offices of the Department of Applied Mathematics for ICT (MAT)
  • Block A-III:
    • Lecture Hall "Javier Hernández"
    • Gaduation Hall
    • Videoconference Room
    • Museum of Telecommunications
    • Faculty offices of the Departments of Physical Electronics (EFF) and Applied Mathematics (MAT)
    • Classrooms
  • Block A-IV:
    • Main entrance (Mercator street)
    • Faculty offices of Telematic and Electronics Engineering (DTE), Physical  Electronics (EFF), Applied Linguistics and Organizational Engineering Departements
    • Classrooms.
  • Block A-VI (Administration services)
    • Boardroom
    • Meeting room
    • University Ombudsman's office
    • Director and Deputy Directors offices
    • Administration services for students and staff
  • Block A-VII:
    • Southern entrance (Nikola Tesla street)
    • Auditorium
    • Multipurpose room
    • Domotic Home
    • Student Associations and Student Union Office
    • Faculty offices of the Departement of Audiovisual and Communications Engineering (IAC)
  • Block D-VIII:
    • Faculty offices, classrooms, computer rooms, and laboratories of the Department of Audiovisual and Communications Engineering (IAC)
    • Computer rooms, and laboratories of the Department of Telematic and Electronics Engineering (DTE)
  • Blocks A-IX and A-X:
    • Large multipurpose configurable rooms.
  • Block A-IX (R&D Building Torres Quevedo)
    • Meeting room and laboratories for Research and Developpement Groups fo the ETSIST
  • Block XV:
    • Students and staff cafeterias.
    • Printing services
    • Bank office

A more detailed view of...

Classrooms and Labs
Singular Facilities (Museum, Smart home, Fotovoltaic lab)
Campus's facilities